Friday, August 14, 2009

Simple Questions and Answers About Your Teeth

What is the recommended number of times to brush your teeth in one day?
Twice a day

How often should your toothbrush be replaced with a new one?
Every three to four months

When brushing your teeth approximately how long should you brush them?
Generally three to four minutes

What is the best type of toothpaste to use when you are brushing your teeth?
Any brand or kind that contains fluoride

What type of toothbrush should be used when you consider brushing your teeth?
Any toothbrush with a small head, soft nylon bristles, and a handle suitable for firm grasping

What is the definition of plaque?
Thin sticky film of bacteria

The best way to remove harmful plaque from teeth and gums is to do what?
Brush teeth regularly and properly

How often should a person floss their teeth?
Daily or after every time that you brush your teeth

How often should a person visit the dentist to get their teeth cleaned?
Every six months

When brushing your teeth how many teeth should you brush in a group at one time?
Two to three teeth at a time then you move to the next group of two to three teeth

What is the meaning for the word cavity?
A hollow space or pit in the tooth

What is a retainer?
A device used to stabilize teeth after orthodontic treatment is completed

What is the job of a pediatric dentist?
To treat children from birth up until they are ten years old

Do all of your teeth have enamel on them?
Yes, but it can be worn down

How many molar teeth can a person have?

If a person has all of their teeth including molar and wisdom teeth how many do they have?
32 teeth

How many teeth does a person have on each row? Meaning top and bottom.
Top - 16; Bottom - 16

Do children loose all 20 of their primary teeth?
Yes and they are replaced with their permanent teeth

What are your teeth made of?